Pilates Small Barrel Workout with Brett Howard

Small Barrel Bliss

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Join Brett Howard in this delicious intermediate Small Barrel sesh that will leave you unexpectedly challenged and utterly addicted to the bliss of your restored back! This powerhouse blast of a workout simultaneously stretches, strengthens and opens up your lower and upper back leaving the entire length of your spine warmly tingling and airways wide open. Enjoy! Visit Brett at The Pilates Haus.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Thank you Brett – this was exactly what I needed today! Wonderful antidote for all the stress I am feeling right now. Stay safe!

  2. Ceci 2 years ago

    Thank you ! great cueing and loved loved loved the flow. Small suggestion : I was doing it at home on my own Barrel and moving the head to watch the video (in case we don’t get the movement of the arms) while the neck was on extension can be tricky 🙂 Obrigada !

  3. FayeS 2 years ago

    That was great! The hourglass felt so good!

  4. pamdej 3 years ago

    Excellent Brett. I also love the barrels. Thank you for this class. Pam

  5. Kayfenton
    Kayfenton 4 years ago

    great …thank you Brett

  6. Kerry 4 years ago

    Super, just what I needed after stripping paint and sanding all day! Thanks Brett!

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