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Hop on your Reformer for a roller coaster of a workout! You’ll join the guys (Brett’s students Darden and Tetsuo) for a tough session with advanced variations on many exercises to build intensity and control and to challenge a man’s body. This is the type of workout that a Pilates teacher does when he has an hour between clients. Enjoy! Visit Brett and his teachers at his studio, the Pilates Haus, in Jersey City, NJ.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Pilates24
    Pilates24 3 years ago

    Yay! That was fun. So grateful I can be inspired way upstate NY in the winter!

  2. mirandabass 6 years ago

    Hi Brett. Miranda from England here! Enjoying my regular Saturday morning workout on the reformer and so great to have your dulcet tones to help the rhythm and flow. Also enjoyed the add-ins; front of thigh stretch kneeling and the arching and curling in down-stretches. Off for a bath and face-pack!! xx

  3. AHORRY 6 years ago

    Brett I am so pleased to be working out with you online.. I so miss working out with you..until the time I come and see you, thank you for being on Pilatesology. Thank you Pilatesology for bring such talent to the world.

  4. Glenna Nall 6 years ago

    Great workout again. Love the variations for the neck.

  5. mostah 6 years ago


  6. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    This was awesome!! Love the neck work in the c curve! So many great variations (even archival) as always! I am dripping sweat! Love you!!

  7. Mtr448 6 years ago

    hey Brett. I love your workouts… creative and precise! I have always done coordination with the head up. Is there a reason you kept the guys heads down? Just curious

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