Fast Paced Intermediate Pilates Mat Workout with Cary Regan

Rhythm Mat with Cary

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Cary Regan is back with another awesome mat workout, this time moving through the Intermediate classical order at a quick pace. She's one of our favorite teachers for her authentic, witty nature and you'll hear the legendary Romana Kryzanowska's voice in Cary's cues and rhythms. Have fun while you sweat! Visit Cary at Uptown Pilates in New York City.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Alessandra 1 month ago

    Great class, Cary! You are great!

  2. RockyLambo 3 months ago

    Loved the fast pace, thanks Cary!

  3. Catgal01
    Catgal01 4 months ago

    Thankyou! This is my favourite of the whole series so far. The pace took some getting used to (if you are not accustomed to this fast pace or some of the terminology) but it was good for the progress and the challenge. Sweating!

  4. CherWilbeck 4 months ago

    I enjoyed the pace—thank you!!!

  5. Kerry 5 months ago


  6. susietana 5 months ago

    Lov,e ❤️ Cary Reagan

  7. Silke 6 months ago

    You made me sweat 😉
    I love it!

  8. Melanie Petri
    Melanie Petri 6 months ago

    Cary- I love you so much!!! You make me giggle and work hard. Favorite combo.

  9. sunsetridge1 6 months ago

    Love cueing and your wonderful cueing ! Thank you . Will definitely do this again. 👍😊

  10. Alisa Wyatt

    Hi Cary! This was our wake up this morning and we loved it. Thanks for the giggles and for feeling better all over. Jack headed straight for his climbing wall to test out how much more flexible he is. Sending love to you in the Bronx❤️.

  11. Rosemarie Krausz 6 months ago

    I love your workout. One of my favourites. I am 73 years old and you keep me feeling young!

  12. Berts 7 months ago

    Supper class. I love this video, I love this teacher. Thanks!

  13. ladydrescher 9 months ago

    “I eat ribs for lunch!” 😉 loved it – thanks!

  14. sreilly 1 year ago

    Loved the flow, cueing and frequent laugh:)

  15. loremiller
    loremiller 1 year ago

    Supper fun. Thank you Cary!!

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