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Psoas: Creating Length & Strength

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Join Cary for an exploration into a crucial muscle of the body, the Psoas. This muscle and those that surround it are often blighted with tension and weakness leading to a host of ailments including back pain and poor posture. Watch and learn as Cary demonstrates her complete approach, including effective and safe spotting techniques, how teaching at a slower pace can help to release the gripping in the psoas that comes from the body’s stress response and an entire series of targeted exercises and stretches. Visit Cary at Uptown Pilates in New York City.

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  1. Julie Winters
    Julie Winters 1 year ago

    Great information! Thank you so much!

  2. Kerry 2 years ago

    Love this workshop!

  3. Jessica Sansone 2 years ago

    Great workshop. I always enjoy seeing Cary and learn so much from her. It was also great to see Lori (another of my favorites) doing some of the exercises).

  4. Ynowak 2 years ago

    So much great information!

  5. So much valuable information! I love Cary and her teaching style spritzed with humor and Romanaisms. Look forward to testing this out with my own tight psoas.

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