Reformer Workshop with Inelia Garcia (PORTUGUESE with ENGLISH TRANSLATION)

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In this workshop at the 2019 Palermo Pilates Symposium, Inelia Garcia shares her philosophy on Pilates, what she learned from her close relationship with Romana Kryzanowska and how to apply that to the Reformer. Listen and you’ll come away with a whole new insight and specific tools to put it into action. For example, in the Footwork, you’ll learn how each position of the feet affects the body from the lymphatic system to the kidneys, liver, digestion and much more. See how to prepare students for complicated exercises such as Coordination, by taking them to the Cadillac first to teach the movement with Leg Springs before teaching it on the Reformer. Don’t miss seeing Inelia work with the attendees whose bodies and focus are visibly changed under her direction and you’ll clearly see what she’s looking for in the setup, alignment, transitions and so much more. Her method is simple yet profoundly deep and listening to Inelia will bring Romana to life for you through the memories that she shares. You can find one of Inelia’s many studios and teacher training centers at The Pilates Studio Brasil. Our thanks to Lesley Bell who organizes the annual Palermo Pilates Symposium.

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  1. Jayne O'Brien 1 month ago

    Great thank you Alisa ❤️👍

  2. Jayne O'Brien 1 month ago

    Great workshop, but no English translation?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      In case my other reply doesn’t make it to you Jayne, please check back in a few days and there will be subtitles in English.

  3. shiritg1 1 month ago

    Where is the English translation?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Sorry you guys, the sound was bad for the English translation so we are having these classes subtitled. They’re in the process now so come back in a few days and they should be there :).

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