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Tiziana teaches an inspired Reformer workout that keeps you on your toes with flowing transitions and specific cues. You won't get away with any cheating in your exercises, instead you'll work your fanny off. Included are: Rowing, Horseback, Side Sit Ups, One Leg Elephant, Long Backstretch, Overhead, Semi Circle, Arm Circles, Side Splits & Front Splits. Filmed at Trovati Pilatesworks in Orange County, California.

What Others Are Saying


  1. jbm 3 years ago

    Wonderful class and cues

  2. jackafit
    jackafit 4 years ago

    Great instructions.

  3. amandalv

    Loved this class!

  4. PilatesJuliet 8 years ago

    Thanks Tiziana! Just finished working out with you! Sweating and loving it!

  5. Alisa Wyatt

    Hi Pele,
    Sorry about that- I am working on bringing the volume up on a few classes. I will add this one to the list.

  6. pele 8 years ago

    Hello? anyone there who can help?

  7. pele 8 years ago

    I can hardly hear the instructor even on the highest volume setting.

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