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Are you bendy like Gumby? If you’re hypermobile, you need this workout! Victoria Torrie-Capan is too and she’s here to teach you the secret of the springs for putting your core muscles in charge. You’ll use it for every exercise in this body-lifting, sweat-inducing, joint-protecting workout and we guarantee you’ll remember it and come back for more when you feel the results afterward. Want to learn more about hypermobility? Check out Victoria’s Quick Tips video Fix Your Hyperextended Elbows and Knees . Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66 in New York, NY where this video was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Laura Bower 2 weeks ago

    This is a wonderful class. I really got a lot out of it, especially my glutes and lower abs. Thank you for the variations you used to help keep us out of our joints!

  2. Victoria Sommer 2 months ago

    Great class…. Great workout… 😘

  3. letters123 2 months ago

    Love this!! Love Victoria! Thank you

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