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Are you bendy like Gumby? If you’re hypermobile, you need this workout! Victoria Torrie-Capan is too and she’s here to teach you the secret of the springs for putting your core muscles in charge. You’ll use it for every exercise in this body-lifting, sweat-inducing, joint-protecting workout and we guarantee you’ll remember it and come back for more when you feel the results afterward. Want to learn more about hypermobility? Check out Victoria’s Quick Tips video Fix Your Hyperextended Elbows and Knees . Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66 in New York, NY where this video was filmed.

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  1. Nemo 1 week ago

    Thank you😊very useful!!!!

  2. Jennifer Allen

    I loved this approach to address the hyper-mobility of the joints (for me specifically, loose hamstrings and I overuse the shoulders) and to keep the work around the pelvis and especially those rowing variations were great. Had trouble keeping my heels and knees together during arches on footwork. Do you have any suggestions for this? Thanks so much for a great workout, Victoria!!

    • Victoria Torrie-Capan Author
      Victoria Torrie-Capan 6 months ago

      Hi Jennifer! I am so glad you found this helpful! The arches is the hardest place to stabilize the foot in general on the foot bar. Without seeing the entire alignment I can suggest a prop idea that might help. Place a folded pad between your heels and focus on keeping the knees together. When you master the knees together, unfold the mat so it is thinner, work your way down to no mat. Let me know if this works for you.
      Thank you for watching!

  3. Laura Bower 10 months ago

    This is a wonderful class. I really got a lot out of it, especially my glutes and lower abs. Thank you for the variations you used to help keep us out of our joints!

    • Victoria Torrie-Capan Author
      Victoria Torrie-Capan 6 months ago

      I am so glad this helped and you felt it in the right places! Thank you for watching!

  4. Victoria Sommer 11 months ago

    Great class…. Great workout… 😘

    • Victoria Torrie-Capan Author
      Victoria Torrie-Capan 6 months ago

      Hi Victoria! So glad you enjoyed it! Hope you are and your family are healthy and safe.

      • Victoria Sommer 6 months ago

        Thank you Victoria, yes we are… Busy busy with homeschooling and everything else, but good… Austria is on the way out of all of this, looks like we might be allowed to open studio at the end of the month.. Love to you and your family

  5. letters123 11 months ago

    Love this!! Love Victoria! Thank you

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