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Molly is in her 2nd Trimester here and takes you through exercises you can do on the Pilates Wunda Chair that might be uncomfortable or difficult to do elsewhere when pregnant. This series requires experience on the chair, and will help to build your balance and stability as your body is shifting as well as tone and strengthen the legs, lengthen your waist and keep you centered.

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  1. ahyc 7 years ago

    Hi Molly, thanks for your classes. I wanted to ask your thoughts on inversion exercises for prenatal clients – such as bridges, upstretches, pikes where the head is below the hips and there is the slight, but not direct, activation of the abdominals. Be great to hear your thoughts!

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 7 years ago

      Great question! I also did a lot of yoga throughout my pregnancy and I continued full on inversions up until the end and it felt great BUT maybe not for everyone. Every woman’s pregnancy is so individual and it depends on many factors. Is it a high risk pregnancy? If so, be more conservative with lying on your back just a minute at a time. How much weight has she gained? I gained about 25 lbs so yes, inversions were harder but still felt good. If you gain like 60 lbs I wouldn’t go upside down. If your client is having a healthy pregnancy and hasn’t gained too much weight I think Shoulder Bridge and The Long Stretch series are fine. As my belly got big I omitted Upstretch though in the 3rd trimester. It felt too hard on my wrists and lower back. I did do the Half-Hang on the Cadillac which felt great on my lower back. You just have to watch like a hawk to make sure your client can still breathe easily and only stay upside down for a minute. I hope this helps! Like I said, every pregnancy is so individual so constantly ask how they’re feeling. If they’re ever short of breathe or dizzy, stop! But don’t underestimate a pregnant woman! They’re not injured -I felt stronger than ever. Thx for the question! xx Molly

  2. slkoudsi 9 years ago

    Molly has been my pilates teacher for over 10 years and I can’t imagine taking a class with anyone else. She is thorough, well-trained, patient and motivating. My physical awareness and fitness level have changed so much through my years of working with her. I’m not pregnant yet but when I do get pregnant I will continue to work out with her using her pre-natal exercises!

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