Pre-Pilates and the TV Exercises

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Pre-Pilates is for everyone! As we age, we can ‘forget’ neurologically what has not been practiced over time. Coordination, balance, strength, precision, flexibility, willpower, control, and ‘habits of the mind’ including awareness, all can be learned and reinforced through practice. Join Simona for a basic workout that's great for starting a Pilates practice, for injury recovery, post-surgery or anytime to restore proper alignment and posture. You can do this workout on a firm bed, in your living room while watching TV (Romana gave them as homework to new clients and told them to practice while watching TV) or anywhere you can comfortably lie down and sit in a chair. Visit Simona at her studio The Art of Control at SUNY Purchase.  

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  1. Tracy Sue Du Plessis 4 years ago

    Thank you! Loved it!

  2. mkdor 5 years ago

    Excellent… !

  3. joesmat 5 years ago

    Good Stuff – Molto Buono Signora!

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