Pilates Self Assessment with Alisa Wyatt

Pilates Self Assessment

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Alisa leads you through 3 quick tests of strength, flexibility and control. Even if you're an elite athlete, you might be surprised to discover that one of these elements is weaker than the others. You'll need a watch with a second hand and be sure to note each skill so you can refer back to this as you progress in your workouts.

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  1. gma26 5 years ago

    Alisa I am so glad I found Pilates-ology! I haven’t worked out in a while so I’m back to beginner and have learned so much from your instructional videos. I’m looking forward to being strong again 🙂 and will be tracking my progress with the tests in this video. Thank you so much for the details!

  2. mchohan 5 years ago

    Hi Alisa! When doing the last two tests that require standing with heels together, toes apart, I have some difficulty due to the shape of my knees – any suggestions? Also, when testing balance, do we keep the leg on which we’re balancing slightly turned out at the hip the whole time? Or should the foot be facing forward? Thanks!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Monica, It’s okay to separate your heels to accommodate your knees. Just get the best connection through your entire leg you can without hurting anything. During the balance test, you can turn your leg out or point it straight ahead, whichever allows you to balance better. Have fun!

  3. charitymaliowski 6 years ago

    I am such a fan of your videos!

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