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Grab your magic circle for a challenging and flowing mat workout with sprinkles of magic to deepen your connections. In just 20 minutes you'll feel 10 inches taller! Visit Lauren at Pilates Seattle International where this class was filmed.  

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  1. joesmat 5 years ago

    Dear Lauren:

    The last exercise whereby, you asked the practitioners to rotate round to the side in “a forward lunge” position, so front foot facing directly forward.
    Is the back leg supposed to be “straight”, with the foot flat to the floor or on the ball of the foot, as you reach behind to touch your ankle?
    I have never come across this variation of the exercise, which normally, require that your feet completely rotate to face the opposite direction, and then you twist and reach for your ankle.
    Obviously, all this comes from Romana Kryzanowska Training.

    I look forward to your response with some anticipation.
    Thank you.

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