Pilates Fast Paced Mat Class with Tiziana Trovati

Mat + Barrels Workout

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Tiziana leads a workout that mixes the mat exercises with the work done on the Spine Corrector or Small Barrel. If you’re in need of a back fix from sitting too long or from an overdose of activity, this is the class for you! Class begins with a short mat workout and then integrates the barrels for some delicious stretching and strengthening exercises that will balance and open your hips, lower back, chest, neck and shoulders. Your spine will get a massage and your circulation will give your body a good cleaning. By the end, you’ll have a brand new body. Learn more about Tiziana’s teaching and studio in Orange County, CA at: www.trovatipilatesworks.com.

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  1. pilates 6 years ago

    This was fun! Needed a quick workout and love the small barrel

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