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Join Kathi for a workout that utilizes a Long Pole to open the shoulders, relax the neck and lengthen the spine. It’s a wonderful workout to do every morning since it gives you a tall, easy posture. As Kathi’s students demonstrate, you can do this workout seated on a mat, low stool, slightly higher on a chair or standing. Each position provides a different aid or challenge to the spine by providing more or less stability for the body. You’ll begin by warming up with shoulder rolls, moving into deliciously opening side bends and then twists, while Kathi explains how to cue for maximum effectiveness as well as what movement issues this work is useful for. Enjoy! For info on training with Kathi visit: KathiRossNash.com.

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  1. Nikos.Psychas
    Nikos.Psychas 3 years ago

    Thank you Kathi. Amazing and helpful as always!

  2. Starholisticfitnessstudio 4 years ago

    Amazing awareness Kathi! You’re my go-to instructor on Pilates ology! What a resource you are, and Thank you for your open-hearted_ness. I hope to gain the confidence and authority and knowledge that you portray as a teacher some day!

  3. BoniCT 4 years ago

    I too have learned from Kathi.
    Although, It is my opinion, it is irresponsible of the teacher to be wearing “high heels” during a rehabilitative exercise regimen/program.
    Joe’s work is so astounding to the body that all that teach should be respectful of.
    The fact is well known it was serious business for Joe and expected such behavior from all who entered his gym..

    Kathy is truly a knowledgeable and well known in the Pilates movement.
    I’m sure her clients and others love this show.
    Not sure Joe would approve of her efforts.

    I am a profession as health care provider take what I do serious. Bodyworker, injury specific and teacher of Joe’s original method.
    The women on Kathi’s right is in a obvious injury cycle in her shoulder movement. Without the attention to detail in her *powerhouse could lead to more discomfort/injury.
    The body is truly a miracle and as long as we are alive our cells are regenerating.
    WITH the proper attention during during movement, our bodies will rehabilitate in no time enjoying the deeper levels of exercises Joe developed.
    Lets get real.

  4. Jennifer Allen

    Awesome! Thank you!!!

  5. Jon Hawkins

    My goodness, who knew?!

  6. You always amaze me with your ingenuity . You Rock as a teacher. I look forward each time I get an email from Pilatesoligy, because I can’t wait to see KRNs new videos .

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      OHHHHHHHH Thank you!!! One reason I love Pilatesology is that the more we film the more I have to reach into my memory to recall things we don’t often use…

  7. ewapilates
    ewapilates 4 years ago

    great; as ever so often … with K:)

  8. tracy 4 years ago

    lovely and helpful!

  9. Kathi Ross Nash Author

    Thank you! I love this pole!!!!!

  10. kfnagatani1
    kfnagatani1 4 years ago

    Thanks Kathi! I always learn so much from your workouts.

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