Pilates Jackknife Tutorial with Moses Urbano

Jackknife Breakdown with Moses

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Refine your understanding of the Jackknife exercise on the mat with Moses’ simple teaching cues. You’ll get more out of your clients and your own practice! Visit Moses at Access Pilates.

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  1. catedavies 2 years ago

    Thanks Moses. Really struggling with this but now can see how to move it forward. Was going into Roll Over & then elevating legs! Oops! Arching back as legs extended was surprising to me, but I could see how effective it was.

  2. dianeadamsstrickland
    dianeadamsstrickland 2 years ago

    Moses is the best. Common sense tips for the masses! Thank you!

  3. joelcrosby

    Loved your breakdown of that challenging exercise. The use of the boxes for those who need that was great. Thanks Moses!

  4. ktayl24 2 years ago

    Never enough Moses – LOVE your classes and instruction – Thank you for sharing!

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