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Lori guides this slow-paced workout with a focus on exploring the powerful nuances that teach you to listen to your own body as opposed to just going through the motions in your workouts. Vital life skills like sitting without the use of your hands are threaded into the classical work in every transition. By paying attention to what you're doing in moments that you would otherwise not notice—like how you sit down on the Reformer—you'll build skills that stick. Lori takes time to break down advanced exercises like Swan on the Reformer and Down Stretch, and after the 40 minute workout is finished she takes her students through exercises they have questions about like Russian Splits, Semi-Circle, Short Spine, Stomach Massage, Rowing and more. If your goals are to move with grace and control, or simply know how to move without hurting yourself you'll love this exploration into your inner potential. Visit Lori for teacher training, workshops and lessons at Atlas Pilates in Seattle.

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  1. McLachlan 3 years ago

    That was an enjoyable video , I liked Lori’s accuracy with working with the body that was in front of her. The Short Spine Massage , the breakdown and clarity.
    The ending with the “book” was amazing.
    Thank you

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 3 years ago

      Glad you liked it! Pilates is so fun. Synthesizing body knowledge with what we see from our Pilates clients, and then choosing how to communicate suggestions for change never fails to excite me! Yay Pilates.

  2. pjennings 3 years ago

    Love the comment above! I’m always excited to see when a Lori Coleman Brown video comes up on Pilatesology! She has such valuable insight, as a physical therapist, as to how Pilates fits each individual person. Her focus on the individual is “laser beam”, which helps each person to “better fit” the work to their own body. My first major “takeaway” from her videos was when she spoke about our neck being like a garden hose when it is twisted or bent, so keep it lengthened, so that circulation, blood flow, nerves, etc. function properly! I hope to be able to attend a workshop from her someday!

  3. Maryosmolski 3 years ago

    Lori is the real deal. She is an incredibly insightful teacher who never fails to bring her heart and humor to everything she teaches. I especially appreciate how she is able to break things down to make the concepts easy to understand and fun to learn. If you are ever lucky enough to see her in person or take a lesson with her you can’t help but see how the method is in her bones and her teaching is a true act of love. Thank you Lori for another opportunity to learn from you. It’s wonderful that we east coasters get a chance to take lessons from you too! I watch every video you post and you constantly shape my teaching and my clients. There literally isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t here your voice reminding me and shaping my understanding of the work.

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