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If you’re like most Pilates studio owners, marketing stresses you out! You either have no idea where to start or so many great ideas you can't start on. Find out what the most effective form of marketing is and how to use it to your best advantage with Seran's simple action plan. Learn more about Pilates business coaching with Seran Glanfield at SpringThree where you can also download Seran's Marketing Calendar.  

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  1. Lien
    Lien 4 years ago

    The tip on maintaining a calendar/plan for e-communication really helps! Just completed this retrospectively and planned ahead for 2017. I know exactly now which topics I already addressed in my posts and which themes I want to address in this year and at what time intervals. To my surprise it was already quit consistent – now it will be even more and better planned so no rushing 🙂 Thanks for this advice.

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