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Join Andrea for a mat class that will bring out your gymnastic abilities and have you giggling like a kid. If you haven’t done a Somersault since grade school, you’ll be grateful for Andrea’s breakdown of key moves like rolling all the way over from Open Leg Rocker and coming back to the mat from standing. She finishes with a fun and crazy combo move that might be a far-in-the-future goal for most of us but Andrea makes it seem like a real possibility and in the meantime, we can all dream! Visit Andrea at her studio Pilates Andrea in Solana Beach, CA.

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  1. lghammerle

    Man those one legs are hard! Both going down on one leg and coming up on one leg I need work!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      I know – the one leg is hard, and different on each side – aargh! I like it when you come up and can ‘stick the landing’ 🙂 practice practice at the Cadillac…

  2. Lucy McBride 7 years ago

    I’ve just filmed my attempt at the somersault…thought i’d do a ‘before’ and ‘after’ (will need to practise lots more before i achieve the ‘after’!). Great fun though!!

  3. You are awesome Andrea!

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you my lovely Amy, I can’t wait to see you in person and give you a great big hug…before we do some 1 leg squats and somersaults – of course 🙂

      • I would love to join you in this workout – i tried the open leg rocker to standing last night with a positive result – hoorah!

        • Andrea Maida Author
          Andrea Maida 7 years ago

          Good for you! It is fun yes?

        • Haha just heard Alisa in background cheering – love it !

          • Andrea Maida Author
            Andrea Maida 7 years ago

            Hey that’s funny – I will have to listen…is it when I am trying to ‘stick the landing’? LOL.

          • Alisa Wyatt
            Alisa Wyatt 7 years ago

            I definitely cheered out loud when you stuck it! That was a true feat of Pilates on that super squishy raised mat.

  4. Andrea Maida Author
    Andrea Maida 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments Colin! I do love the mat so…I hope we can see each other soon.

  5. lghammerle

    Hi Andrea! Great mat workout! What strong legs and balance you need for all the rolling to stands! I love the stability and two way stretch you demonstrate, especially with Neck Pull. I can tell you don’t like to cheat….maybe we should get together for a game of Monopoly?

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you so much Lauren! And you are such a fun time I would love to get together with you for Neck Pulls or Monopoly – LOL 🙂

  6. joesmat 7 years ago

    I loved all the coming to standing; jumping; Somersault; combo moves.
    Andrea for sure is a Gymnast! Beautiful matwork, and many thanks again for sharing.

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