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If you manage a team of instructors (or if you aspire to) this video is for you! Seran shares what she has learned from her study of management and her observations from working with studio owners around the world.  Discover the ultimate management goal and the traits that good managers possess that enable them to lead a team successfully. Questions? Leave a comment for Seran below or contact her directly at SpringThree. You can also check out her free business resources at:  

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  1. Amchara 2 years ago

    This really resonated with me as I have a small team which we all have similar mind sets. I mentor both teachers and reward them however, I need more structure and planning in on going training for them and your talk inspired me to get busy, thank you. ????

  2. joelcrosby

    Great information and reminders. Thanks.

  3. janie jennings 4 years ago

    Great information

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