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Romana used to tell Gina, "If you only have time for a short workout, do the mat up to Spine Stretch Forward." Gina leads this quick series with an experienced practitioner in mind. You'll do 11 exercises (including the more advanced Roll Over) in the traditional order with an emphasis on flow and control. It's a great way to warm up the body and get ready for the demands of your day, just like brushing your teeth it'll keep your system in order! Visit Gina at Grasshopper Pilates in NYC’s Soho. Thank you to Pilates Challenge where this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. jenpoma 6 months ago

    Great class, Gina! This is a hard mat workout for me and will inspire me to work harder! Thanks so much! Jennifer

    • Gina Papalia Author
      Gina Papalia 5 months ago

      yeah Jennifer! Keep it up! I hope you are doing the pilates 14 Day Challenge here! It’s a great way to get it in your body and feel what it can do for you!
      xx gina

  2. Jenny Anticoli 2 years ago

    The perfect pick me up between client sessions. Thank you Gina!

    • Gina Papalia Author
      Gina Papalia 5 months ago

      Keep up your own training – 10 minutes goes a long way if you plan it right!
      xx gina

  3. Jenniferpen 3 years ago

    Had so much fun doing this. Toddler was there to give me a boost or weigh me down, lol!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 3 years ago

      That is a definite added challenge! Good for you for doing it with your toddler around! Some times we get so focused on our kids that we forget to do stuff for ourselves. I can relate. 7 minutes is a perfect way to get the ball rolling! Have a great day!

  4. Suzy_m_v 3 years ago

    I do this workout all the time. It is my go to when I really don’t have time for anything. I say I can manage 6 minutes. I get the ab series and a stretch and I feel awesome after it. Thank you!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 3 years ago

      Yess!! Keep it up! We all have 6 minutes! have a great day!

  5. Sheckie71 4 years ago

    One of my faves! Thanks Gina ????

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 4 years ago

      Thanks for keeping up and doing it Sheckie!
      Have a wonderful day!

  6. nbbnixon 4 years ago

    I do this often. It’s quick, fun and invigorating, with good cheer.

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 4 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it! Have your tried my “long box on the reformer work out? Or chair? Let me know what you thing!

  7. Melissa Giudice 4 years ago

    I love that you re here Gina!!
    This is so helpful with a little one at home!!
    Miss you

  8. Lisa Reed 5 years ago

    Great as always Gina!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 4 years ago

      thanks lisa!!
      Hope you are great! Keep me posted on what you are up to!
      xx gina

  9. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 5 years ago

    Great start to a day and the program. I love seeing you here, Gina! Congratulations on your studio. Also awesome to connect back to Romana through everyone’s eyes and hear all the pearls of wisdom she left each person. Many thanks!

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 4 years ago

      Where are you again? I know we touched base 2 years ago.. Send me a note. I want to know more!
      You still look the same! I am seeing Libby, Alison and Kathy today at my studio for a workshop!! email me! I will send a hello from all of us!!

      • Kara Wily
        Kara Wily 4 years ago


        How crazy that you are emailing me! Alycea is here now. I live outside LA. We are bringing her teacher training program out here. I hope it means I can also get back to NYC!

        I would love to see you all! Send a pic or call! Big hug to you! 323-595-2852 is my mobile. is my email. Have a great workshop and send everyone my best!

  10. EmmaGat
    EmmaGat 6 years ago

    Just took this once, thought about taking it a second time, but then I re-read the class description of “keeping my system in order” and thought, “You know what would be cool? If I’ll take 6 minutes tomorrow morning and just do it”.
    This might make me change my entire daily routine. If that happens, I’ll be amazed, as if I wasn’t already amazed by this website. <3
    See you in the morning!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      EmmaGat just a little bit of movement CAN change your whole day! Just think what life would be like if you didn’t brush your teeth daily? If you give your body just a few minutes like you do your teeth amazing things can happen :). We’re so glad you’re enjoying the journey!

  11. MB 7 years ago

    quick effective workout – love the 10 minute workouts that are available!

  12. joesmat 7 years ago

    Was there any particular reason why you flexed your feet to lower your legs to the mat at the end of the HUNDRED, apart from getting a stretch?

    Do you know the reasoning behind Romana’s recommendation as to why she considered doing the mat up until Spine Stretch Forward as being adequate, if one only had a short time?

    • Gina Papalia
      Gina Papalia 4 years ago

      Hi there joesmat, Sorry for the four year delay in replying. I probably just flexed my feet for the ending stretch. Not something I always do.
      I believe that Romana suggested this as a full body work out because she knew how the system warmed up your body and worked your body in some many ways and believed that it was possible to move your body as a whole and complete in a short workout. There were no excuses! Just get down to the floor and do it! I hope you are still enjoying it!
      Gina Papalia

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