Getting to the Bottom of It - Part 2 with Sandy Shimoda

Getting to the Bottom of It Part 2

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Your rear end plays a much bigger role in Pilates than can be covered in one video! Join Sandy for Part 2 of her journey to discover all the uses of the seat in movement and their application to Pilates. Check out more videos in this series by using the Search Bar (upper right corner of your screen) to search for Getting to the Bottom of It. Visit Sandy at: Vintage Pilates.

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  1. Elena Bartley 5 years ago

    Thanks Sandy !! Nice típs ! I hope to really get to the bottom of things next week !! Can’t wait to see you. !

  2. arlene
    arlene 5 years ago

    Love this tutorial! These are exactly the things we have been working on together, so wonderful to see this, Mahalo! See you soon.

  3. joelcrosby

    Great tips on finding my sometimes elusive seat. Thanks Sandy for taking time time to share this video. I will practice and see you soon. 🙂

  4. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Hi Luz! Did you get your guillotine yet? Think what fun you will have…

  5. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thanks very much Sandy, always is learning process and understanding more and more our human body; how can be flexible and strong.

    The Importance of the “C Shape” how hour body move from the center; solving imbalance during the motion; no just physical also from inside out. See you soon.

    Greeting from Qatar, Luz

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