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This class follows Kathi's previous class: Apparatus How To - Gratz Mat. Here, she takes her student Lynanne through the same moves, using the proper flow to connect them all together. This is your opportunity to take what you learned from Kathi's detailed explanation and put it to the test! This beginner mat workout is fast, challenging and effective. For info on training with Kathi visit: KathiRossNash.com.

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  1. soul_eil

    I just did this as a warm up, then did an intermediate one with Sandy Shimoda, the one rep with transitions 23 min, and now I’m gonna do the 2 rep with Karen Frischmann, the difference and similarity between teaching styles is remarkable, the work remains the same, consistent, same parameters, goals, and intentions. Kathi , you just have an energy and are an enigma all your own. Best 7 min warm up ever, and great preparation for the intermediate and advanced, Lynnanne, I felt for you being so under the gun in the Hundred ;)))

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      LOL it seems as if YOU have more energy then the three of us put together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynanns a tough cookie- she usually does this AFTER an Add on Mat!!!tm

  2. soul_eil
    soul_eil 8 years ago

    Tough beginner class, yum!

  3. Poppy 8 years ago

    This is a scary “beginner mat” class. I’m not at all sure how this fits in the beginner tag.

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      Poppy- this was how a healthy beginner was taught and what they were taught years ago. This is not intended for a weak – ill or injured person- but for a strong and healthy student.
      I train MANY young athletes and healthy people and this is how they begin…
      The method has been watered down to accomodate the elderly and the injured- a blessing and a curse
      Pilates is WONDERFUL for those people and lessons SHOULD be adjusted to fit the individual- BUT ask Jay- the method is a much stronger and more challenging workout (WORKOUT being the key word)
      So- yes – this IS a beginner work out- for a person who is strong and able.
      This is how I was trained in the 80’s and this is the part of the work that is dying.
      The strong need to be challenged- I was always told that I was not a therapist (there are amazing PT’s out there for rehab) but it was my job to give a safe and effective work out to my student. this mat has been taught in my studio for over 20 years- as well as many more gentle lessons for those who needed it.

    • belinda stevens 6 years ago

      You are so right. The “shouting”, high heels. . . . yeah . . .

  4. Kathi Ross Nash Author

    1. yes- I do have her keep her palm down. when first learning the saw the engagement of the powerhouse and the integrity of the box are very important. The palms face down to aid in keeping the box square and the shoulders blades drawing together. there are many versions of each exercise. I always try and stay as close to the root when training the basic work. Try a few positions (up and facing the wall) and see how that effects your body. Every person is different – that is why there are so many variations. Check out Jay’s mat and see where he has the palm face! BTW GREAT questions!
    2. As I stated in the first question-when first learning the saw the engagement of the powerhouse and the integrity of the box are very important. this is the art of control. I KNOW lynanne can throw that leg through the ceiling.. but the centering and control are needed to prevent injury. I hope these answered helped!

    • joesmat 8 years ago

      Thank you for explaining the reasoning for having the palms face down in the Saw exercise. Mr Grimes has both palms facing down. Much obliged for your feedback – thanking you.

  5. Lynann Escatel
    Lynann Escatel 8 years ago

    I have naughty hips 🙂 years of dancing and whacking my leg, so when I do the side kick series I do hold back a little to keep my hips down. This way when Im on stage I can still “whack” it.

    • joesmat 8 years ago

      How very kind of you to offer me your personal feedback in respect of my question about the Side Kick. Thank you kindly for your interest.
      Perhaps, you can also enlighten me as to the reasoning for keeping the “palm facing up” with the hand reaching behind in the Saw?

  6. joesmat 8 years ago

    My apologies! I should have said “palms down”in my original question about the SAW.

  7. joesmat 8 years ago

    May I ask a couple of questions please:
    1. When Lynanne was performing the SAW you corrected her by asking her to keep her “palm up” with the hand reaching behind. What is the reasoning for specifically positioning the palm of the hand in the up position please?
    2. In the Side Kick – UP/DOWN kick, she appeared to hold back in the up kick, or intentionally restrict her range of movement?
    As ever a joy to watch. Thank you very much.

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