Discover Your Unique Talents, Biz Tips Part 3

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In this third video in Niedra Gabriel's series, she shows how to identify your unique talents which are essentially your brand as a Pilates Instructor. Branding yourself based on your authentic talents is one of the most powerful steps you will take in your career!. For Business Coaching with Niedra, visit her website:

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  1. ERIC 5 years ago

    Hello Niedra, It’s great to hear your thoughts about how to grow a business especially since historically speaking Pilates has not been a financially secure career. Many new instructors model their livelihood and style of teaching on role models who themselves do not, and could not, support their current standard of living via their Pilates practice/business alone. Therefore focusing on what does and does not work for you is essential to a successful and fulfilling life and business. Thanks! -Eric

    • Niedra Gabriel Author
      Niedra Gabriel 5 years ago

      Thank you Eric, and yes, I agree, right now there are not many models out there for teachers to use as examples, and it is a fact that this side of ” the business” needs to be evolved and explored to find new models for success ( real business success, not just personal fulfillment, or a movie star private clients that can afford high private rates ). I am all for success and new models, so really exploring what works and new ways to deliver is a new horizon to reach for. I appreciate your comment and understanding of where we are at right now, as a community.

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