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Contrology Reformer with Cary Regan

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In Pilates we use the word control because that's what Joe called his method: Contrology. With this in mind, Cary plays with your control in this workout by changing up the spring settings, your timing, your connection to the springs and much more. Find out what footwork on 1 spring feels like (Cary's image for this will crack you up), how to find the ease in Teaser, why you need to align your chassis before anything else, and much more. Visit Cary at Uptown Pilates West Village where this session was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Amchara 3 years ago

    Really enjoyed this session definitely food for thought.
    One question Cary you made a point of saying ‘outside spring’ rather than closer to the centre, could you explain the reason for this please 🙂 Karen x

  2. Ynowak 3 years ago

    Cary, love all your classes! I like how you include variations. It’s so easy to forget them, thank you!

  3. pilatesangel 3 years ago

    I don’t think I could be a bigger fan …Cary you bring the 80’s back in a good way! Thank you for pulling out the oldies but goodies!

  4. joesmat 3 years ago

    The two young Ladies Demonstrating were very good it seems to me.
    Control was emphasised by Ms Carrie Regan, and the Lady immediately in front of the camera did so most eloquently I thought.

    I do like how Ms Carrie Regan always takes the time, to explain the detail, and works seemingly forgotten exercises that she shares
    with all. I particularly like how Ms Carrie Regan spoke about aspects of exercises relating to the back.

    Great Contrology, don’t you think!

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