Case Study: Fixing Paula’s Imbalances

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In this case study Karen guides her student, Paula Present, with cues to help her balance the scoliosis that Paula is working to correct. After a full Reformer, Karen adds a few key exercises on the Wunda Chair to address Paula’s specific needs and then repeats an exercise from the Reformer again to show how the movement has changed. The session finishes with a reward for Paula’s effort that also benefits her body, the Push-Through on the Cadillac. Visit Karen at

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  1. pilatesangel 7 years ago

    Having a body that works much like Paula’s, this was so wonderful for me to observe! While I don’t have scoliosis, I do have dominant front body and too much emphasis through my quads and Achilles. I will even try think of some of the lateral cues as I practice and hope for equally visible results. Thanks for sharing both of you ladies! Karen, I am such a fan, you rock! And Paula, thanks for being vulnerable and real on screen!

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