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Cary Regan on Pilates Part 3 of 3

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In Part 3 of our interview with Cary Regan you'll she takes questions from the audience and shares tidbits about managing the studio for Romana along with Phoebe Higgins, the many celebrities who came there to work out such as Ronald Regan's daughter Patty Davis, musician Steve Van Zandt, Candace Bergen, the purchase of the studio by Wei Tai Hom who subsequently declared bankruptcy without notifying the employees, the subsequent sale of the remaining memorabilia and equipment to Sean Gallagher and Cary's feelings about what resulted. You'll also hear about the infamous video that Romana made with Cary, Anthony Rabara and several others practicing every exercise in the studio. Now a teacher for over 38 years, Cary still endeavors to teach the work of Joseph Pilates, so that the benefits, both preventive and rehabilitative, will become an integral part of our daily lives. You can find her currently at Uptown Pilates in NYC.

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  1. cybernetics
    cybernetics 11 months ago

    Ah ok this is why the archive isn’t accessible.

  2. robertapilates 1 year ago

    Grazie Cary

  3. Julie Winters
    Julie Winters 1 year ago

    “There are certain recipes you shouldn’t mess with.” 🙂 Love the candor and honesty of these interviews with Cary!
    Thanks for the great info!

  4. Christina Maria Gadar

    I loved this interview. Very real and nothing sugar coated.

  5. Nicolewolfe
    Nicolewolfe 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed this series. Thank you, Cary and pilatesology.

  6. Carey, I always enjoy listening to and watching you as a teacher. I learn so much! And Thank you for sharing such a real and honest account of the history of Pilates during that transition. I appreciate your wealth of wisdom!
    I have a couple of questions-
    I’m really interested in understanding what distinguishes Pilates from all its variations, from PT. I see a difference when I see teachers from other schools who claim Classical such as BASI and STOTT. Can you speak to that? What makes Pilates work, tick if you will? is it the actual sequence of the exercises. How they are performed biomechanically? That the movements are performed from a stabilized core? That they are performed from the body whole, fully integrated? I have been teaching it for about 20 years with an original certification from what I would now consider a Contemporary Style and then a second training with the Romana School in CA via one of its certified teachers. That really shifted my understanding but it was very bare bones and as you described in and out. I would have benefited from video labs for sure! And I get so much from Pilatesology that way. But can see I would better understand the work if I had an apprentice/mentor style training experience. And I get pulled by wanting to go more PT style with people with issues- its safer, its closer to what I know. And will they stay long enough to get the fullest recovery/repair that Pilates offers……
    Did everyone who come into the studio get given the same basic Reformer Series? What was it? And then modifications if they had an issue- shoulder, neck, hip, etc? And what might some of those modifications have been? I have my own thoughts but again because I did not have the great opportunity to train in direct proximity nor have an ongoing mentor I have been drawing on what I know, have learned through working with bodies and my prior studies in the sciences- engineering and anatomy & physiology.
    Also, Could you describe the typical workout Romana had you doing for your knee recovery? Is that all you did for the 6 or so months that then resulted in recovery?
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  7. LBcutie 1 year ago

    It was so interesting to hear more background about the work and how it was taught.
    I feel lucky to have taken Cary’s classes and experienced her deep knowledge and love of Pilates!
    Cary, thank you for caring so much!

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