Build A Strong Foundation w/ the Foot Corrector

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Your feet are your foundation, and the foot corrector helps to build a strong, steady base for your body to move from. If you have weak feet that cause you pain or malfunction, this class is for you! Pilates can create a strong bandage around any weak joint, by building the muscles that support the joints and connect them to the strength of your center. Not only will this session give you stronger, happier feet, it will immediately improve your posture as it sculpts your glutes, hips and legs since they are where any imbalance in the feet begins. Finally, Kathi shares how the Foot Corrector can be a mood-altering device that stimulates the entire body through the sensitive surface of the feet. Make friends with your Foot Corrector, it’s a small tool that packs a lot of punch! Filmed at American Body Tech, Kathryn Ross-Nash’s Allendale, NJ studio. Thanks to our model, Instructor Lauren Montefusco of Pilates Perfection and Massage in Greenwich, CT.
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