Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery with Sandy Shimoda

Breast Cancer Recovery Part 2

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Sandy continues her discussion and demonstration of exercises she used in her own recovery from mastectomy surgery (here's Part 1). This time you'll see exercises for opening the chest, shoulders and arms using a long pole as well as several done standing at the end of the Cadillac or Tower. Filmed at Vintage Pilates in West Los Angeles, CA.

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  1. KJk 2 years ago

    Sandy, this breast cancer series is invaluable for teachers inheriting patients post surgery from PTs! Thank you for this wonderful work!

  2. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 3 years ago

    Thank you Sandy. I have a wonderful student who is rehabbing from Breast Cancer and these videos have been super helpful!

  3. Judy Richardson 3 years ago

    Thank you Sandy! This is great. I am also a Myofascial Therapist and I see you connecting to the fascial system with your moves helping to increase your range of motion and health to the tissue. I love it! To me Pilates, is a natural form of self myofascial release. Thanks again!!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Judy, that is so interesting. I am always fascinated at the many ways we can look at the body to bring it back to health!

  4. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    I salute You, Sandy! As always:) Thankyou:)

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