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As a continuation of the Back (to the) Basics series, Sandy Shimoda and her lovely student Arlene demonstrate the importance of incorporating the back connection to the front of your body. Sandy's goal is to remind students and teachers that although we want to connect the back side of the body in every Pilates exercise, your Center must also be engaged three dimensionally at all times.  Connecting the back to the strength of the front side will balance and coordinate the body in all movement. Sandy uses the Hundred and the Swimming to illustrate this important concept on Arlene’s body. Visit Sandy at: Vintage Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Thanks for this movie! It seems all so simple and clear…. But OMG, it isn’t!!!!
    Deep Work.. Wauw… this is my time to learn, to work really deeper and release at the same time,
    this is my year to go for it! Sandy, so great to be one of your students and Arlene, nice job .. nice to see you every 3months this year 😉 X

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Els, it is great to watch you go for it. I see you settling in and getting comfortable with the process of learning and deepening. Very exciting!

  2. joelcrosby

    I loved the description and demonstration of a 3 dimensional back/front connection to create length. This was a great lesson. The bonus was it was taught and demonstrated by two of my favorite people, Sandy and Arlene. 🙂 Thanks to you both!

  3. tracy 4 years ago

    Thanks ladies. very interesting and challenging!

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