5 Top Tips for Working with Men

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In this quick video aimed at teachers, Clare shares her tips for working with men. You can immediately integrate these simple concepts into sessions with men so they’ll feel the benefits of Pilates and come back for more! If you'd like to see Clare's tips in action, check out her Mat for Rock Climbers video. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar. 

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  1. Cathy Macdonald 5 years ago

    Great tips and generally, just as applicable to women. I’ve taught as many female executives as males, and blue collar men. Regardless of their job, I think it’s sexist to assume men are under more stress than women. I’ve found the amount of stress people feel tends to be more related to how happy they are in their work, not the of level of responsibility they have.
    But still, I love your videos and classes Clare, I learn a lot from you!

  2. pilates 5 years ago

    Great tips and I will use them, thanks!

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