3 Key Exercises for Left Handed Clients

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Jack Coble, co-founder of Pilatesology is back with 3 exercises designed specifically for left handed clients. Learn exactly what you should be focused on when you practice the Helicopter on the Wunda Chair and the Mechanic on the Reformer. Jack also demonstrates why if you're left handed you should avoid the Washing Machine (a.k.a. the Egg Beater) exercise at all costs. Don't miss this important tutorial that will change the way all left handed people work out! Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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  1. kitn 1 year ago

    Opposite days prevail!
    Very funny.

  2. info@limhamnpilatesforening.se
    info@limhamnpilatesforening.se 2 years ago

    I was just looking for a short freebie class to add to my website to further inspire my clients ‘homework’ – and I found it – Jack you will be broadcast in the homes in Malmo Sweden shortly. So happy for this 😉 Faith

  3. carrie1028 2 years ago

    This is amazing! Can’t wait to teach Crouching Tiger to my clients! A true tutorial. Archival stuff and all! My favorite part, perhaps, was seeing how hard it made Alisa laugh! Too cute you guys!

  4. KathyJanke 2 years ago

    This made me laugh out loud. I have not seen a video by Jack before and I want more!!

  5. May
    May 2 years ago

    Laughing out loud funny!!
    Thank you, you two. Miss you!

  6. joelcrosby

    I don’t know how I missed this video when I came out in April.
    I really am left handed. So this video has been so helpful. Now Pilates makes finally sense to me. Thanks Jack for your amazing incite!!!

  7. Eddie83
    Eddie83 2 years ago

    I have to say that as funny as this was (and it was), Jack’s exercises were actually functional!
    squatting, crawling, rolling, jumping. Loved it!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      You’re right and I always like to think that ALL movement is good for us, especially when we are playing :)!

  8. Tehila 2 years ago

    HAAA Stupidly funny 🙂

  9. Saul Choza 2 years ago

    LOL, this is everything. I tried the Washing Machine but my attempt wasn’t nearly as good as Jack’s.

  10. newaida

    hahahaa… “this is a serious archival exercise.. I don’t know why you think this is funny”.. ????????

  11. pilates-powers.de


  12. PilatesPassion 2 years ago

    I was so hoping there’d be one this year! Love it!

  13. Myriam.lopez
    Myriam.lopez 2 years ago

    BRILLIANT! Pilates + humor…so refreshing!! Thank you guys.

  14. leslie 2 years ago

    Does it matter which foot is forward on the washing machine?

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      You should do both legs. And of course there are variations- clockwise and counterclockwise depending on zodiac sign.

    • Holly Quaglia Wells

      Jack…your vast wealth of, um, insight and, um, earnest desire to seek out truth in Joe’s work is just unparalleled. Wow. I’m feeling pretty speechless at the moment. ???????????? (Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh put loud. I really was trying to be serious.)

  15. Helen Haynes 2 years ago

    Oh Jack and Alissa I just LOOVED this, I was hooting with laughter out loud with the Washing Machine and the Mecanic and of course the come-up-to-standing roll-up.!!! You guys are gems!

  16. jernestops
    jernestops 2 years ago

    That’s so good!! thanks for sharing!! jejejeje.. I’m needing this tutorial jejejeje… Hugs!!

  17. jackielatour

    I love the classic Jack exercises!!!

  18. Jean Klein 2 years ago

    I am so grateful for this site. I have been practicing the mechanic wrong for so long. Thank you for clarifying. Love you two!

  19. Lelador
    Lelador 2 years ago

    Perfect timing for this! I have a few “lefties” that could use some help! Always remember to add detergent to the washing machine when you are ready to advance the exercise…most students will never be ready to add the softener, but it’s something to work towards! I confess I may have spontaneously practiced the “hidden dragon” maneuver when unexpected solicitors show up at the studio! Thanks Jack and Alisa, you rock! Happy Easter!

  20. Seran Glanfield

    ???? LOVE it!!!

  21. ewapilates
    ewapilates 2 years ago

    Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:) The Wasching Machine is Great. It must have been one of those preety old-fashioned and vintage Pilates exercises; :):):) Thank you Jack …. and … last but not least …. God, mind your tummy while performing your Mechanic. Please, stay safe!

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