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Jack Coble, founding partner of Pilatesology, recently made an astounding discovery while combing through archival footage. In this short video, he demonstrates the Arm Chair Reformer Combo along with specific tips for setup and teaching. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Mormore 2 years ago

    You guys are so funny! These are the best tuturials 😉

  2. Alexandra Formiller
    Alexandra Formiller 3 years ago

    You guyzzzzz!!!

  3. Annicesara 4 years ago

    yessss! thank you!

  4. ThePilatesMan
    ThePilatesMan 4 years ago

    Just stumbled on this gem. So funny.
    I’m looking forward to the Pedi Pole version:)

  5. Lisa Spradley
    Lisa Spradley 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial – I know we have all seen it many times, but…. I was laughing out loud!!!

  6. Clare Dunphy Hemani

    OH GEEZZZ, thanks for a late afternoon giggle:)

  7. leslie 4 years ago

    So funny !

  8. joelcrosby

    Classic! Genius! I was seriously laughing out loud.

  9. ladyjane 4 years ago

    Love it :))

  10. Andrea Maida

    OMG hilarious! Jack you are always my favorite Pilates teacher. Alisa, baby, you bring it on home! I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair (desk chair, not my arm chair on top of my Reformer…although next time I plan to follow along at home).

  11. Sandy Godina 4 years ago


  12. valegriff 4 years ago

    Brilliant!! When can we expect a follow up video???

  13. Alisa… you don’t succeed in being ugly and unconnected even if you tried :))))— Jack… you are the one!!!<3

  14. Ynowak 4 years ago


  15. Carolyne_Ergin

    Yeeeees, you are so right!!! this makes totally sense to me.
    Will start now the Berlin classssssical Piiilatesrevoluuution!

  16. Luiza Galvão

    The best video ever!!!

  17. pjennings 4 years ago

    The best way to learn is in “baby steps”! 😉 Great reminder!

  18. soul_eil

    Wow, I’ll have to try baby chair footwork, I’ve never really known how to do that elusive exercise. I’m going to love it rehabbing my shoulders, and my right ACL.
    Thanks for this instructional vid, Jack ;)))))

  19. Insidepilates 4 years ago

    Jajajajajajajaja so good for posture!! 🙂

  20. susannafoustok 4 years ago

    fuuuuunny!! you guys crack me up!!

  21. Farida Shourbaji 4 years ago

    Genius! Going to practice right now!

  22. Pedro Pereira de Ferreira

    you guys killing me with this move “from the archives”… LOL

  23. Pedro Pereira de Ferreira

    killing me here you guys!!!!!

  24. Jean Goulet 4 years ago

    that was great, thank you

  25. belindapbellows@gmail.com
    belindapbellows@gmail.com 4 years ago

    Great way to start the day :~}

  26. Jamie Hogan
    Jamie Hogan 4 years ago

    Wow…looks like I’ve been doing this ALL wrong the whole time…. ;D

  27. Sandy Shimoda

    Well Jack, you always know how to kick April off with a roar! Now stop it – you are killing me.

  28. Holly Quaglia Wells 4 years ago

    You two are hilarious!!

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