Handling Seasonality in Your Business

seasonality in pilates

With the holidays quickly approaching, you will already be making changes inside your business to manage clients and staff being out of town. No matter what industry you’re in, most businesses are affected in some ways by seasonal highs and lows. Some of you might welcome the break but for others it can be a tough time. With careful planning it can be an opportunity for you to switch gears and prepare for busier times ahead.

Here are 8 simple ways you can make the most of the seasonal ups and downs:

1) Save for a rainy day

Obviously you need to budget carefully to make sure that you don’t overspend or extend past your capabilities. Despite the drop in revenue you will still need to pay the bills so ensure you have planned accordingly.

2) Go with the flow

Where are your clients when they are not in the studio? Is it possible for you to still help them achieve their goals? This could be a 5 minute at-home abs and arm routine, a recipe for a healthy dessert or a recommendation for an online workout.

3) Invest in yourself a little

What can you do with the downtime that will be constructive to your future business? Perhaps a professional development course, or working on that new idea you’ve been thinking about

4) Know your numbers

Use historical data to determine how and when you should scale back ahead of the drop in attendance

5) Gift ideas

Solve gift-giving dilemmas for your clients and their loved ones by offering class-packages as the perfect present

6) Time for a facelift?

Give your space a new coat of paint, get rid of the clutter, get the cleaners to do a deep clean and tidy away all the things you don’t have time for the rest of the year. Wow your clients on their return!

7) Take a break.

If you’ve had a busy year, take this time to relax and be re-inspired by the world. Switch it all off and enjoy the break with family and loved ones.

8) Finally, don’t let them forget you!

While the studio might be quiet or closed, be sure to keep in touch with your clients via email and social media. If you have chosen partake in some downtime then you can use social media organizers like Hootsuite or Buffer or pre-scheduled emails to do this without having to log in!

Good luck over the holiday season!

Seran GlanfieldSeran Glanfield, founder of Spring Three (www.springthree.com), is a small business strategist who works exclusively with boutique fitness studio owners and instructors. Using tried-and-tested methods and tools, she helps her clients get clear about their business, stand out from the crowd, and set the foundations for strong and sustainable growth. Originally from Wales (UK), Seran worked in finance before obtaining her certification under Romana’s Pilates at True Pilates in New York city in 2009. In addition to Pilates, Seran enjoys running and paddle boarding. She lives in south Florida with her husband and two young children. 

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