Advanced Pilates Wunda Chair for Women with Inelia Garcia

Wunda Women

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If you’d like your body to resemble the Wunda women featured here, join them for a workout! You’ll develop long, elegant lines in your body along with strength and balance you can depend on for any adventure. Inelia’s series includes variations rarely seen, if it’s your first time, you’ll want a friend to spot you for the balancing exercises on top. Our thanks to Pilates Studio Portugal Amoreiras where this video was filmed. Learn more about studio franchising, teacher training and lessons at any of the 48 studios founded by Inelia in South America, at: Pilates Studio Brasil.

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  1. amazing workout! amazing you Inelia!!!!!!!!
    wow !

  2. lili.viola

    Just did it!! Can’t say it was as pretty as Inelia’s apprentices made it look but I got through it. Will continue to practice until it’s as close to perfect as I can get it.

  3. lili.viola

    Wow! What control, what grace, what synchronicity!! Great job Inelia and girls!!!

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