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If you’re an advanced practitioner looking for a real workout, this Wunda Chair session is your ticket! Lori leads her student Jack, an instructor himself, through a tough workout that keeps the body moving while still providing the precision that gets the most out of each exercise. Warning: don't be deceived by Lori's calm demeanor, this workout moves quickly and goes deep! PROP & SPRING NOTE: Class begins with 1 spring on top and 1 on the bottom, and you’ll want to have a mat handy to roll on at the end. Visit Lori at Atlas Pilates in Seattle, Washington where this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Christina Maria Gadar

    Beautiful lesson from an excellent teacher. I loved the idea of practicing the front balance control transition on 0 springs yet still stepping on the pedal. I had learned front balance control with 0 springs getting on from behind the chair and I think using the pedal makes more sense as it prepares the student to do the transition with springs down the road.

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 4 years ago

      Hi Christina,
      I like the variation of stepping up from the back of the chair too, and descending slowwwwly as possible which is killer, for sure. This variation adds some balance challenge.

  2. Amy Barzdukas
    Amy Barzdukas 7 years ago

    Yay indeed! I sweated as much as Jack — maybe more!

    • Lori Coleman-Brown
      Lori Coleman-Brown 7 years ago

      Great! Glad you liked it. I’m looking forward to a big sweat today too 🙂

  3. Love all that you give to the Pilates world. You are an awesome teacher.

    • Lori Coleman-Brown
      Lori Coleman-Brown 7 years ago

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m smiling big.

  4. lghammerle

    Lori-you did an excellent job of challenging Jack in a fun workout with lots of enthusiasm from you and Jack responded well to your challenge…with equal enthusiasm! There was energy and life in this workout!

    • Lori Coleman-Brown
      Lori Coleman-Brown 7 years ago

      Thank you! Fun is definitely one of my priorities 🙂

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