Kathi Ross Nash Low Body Basic Mat

Workout: Lower Body Basics

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Are your hips and quads stuck like glue? You're just 6 minutes away from feeling like Gumby again! Kathi leads you through a basic workout on the Small Barrel or Contour Mat designed to open the hips, stretch the quads and hamstrings and realign the pelvis. It's a perfect way to end a workout so add this one to your favorites and do it regularly! For info on training with Kathi visit: KathiRossNash.com.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Hesti 6 months ago

    Hi Kathi, thank you, it’s fabulous for me! However, when I put my husband on the mini barrel for the first time today, he felt extremely nauseous. He completed a few exercises then he had to stop and that was him in bed all day. He is a fit guy. He says from the moment he starts rolling back into the start position of the first exercises and also in the position with his head on the mat when he immediately started feeling nauseous. It looked like he was in the correct position though, he was able to lift his head. What could the reason for this be?

  2. AHORRY 4 years ago

    I am always amazed at the energy you throw in it Kathi! Never mind if one is a beginner or advanced.. they work! It’s a workout baby! Enjoy your coffee 🙂

  3. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Great super powerful mini workout; any time for sure, for me specially early morning with my cop of coffee! thanks Kathi always is a pressure to having you! Love Luz

  4. Pedro Pereira de Ferreira

    OMG!!!! You’re just A M A Z I N G Kathi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Fernando
    Fernando 4 years ago

    Always amazing!

  6. joesmat 4 years ago

    Gosh, I do like the look of those Contour Mats – Nice colour choice.
    One can dream!

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