The Original Pilates Studio with Steve Troy – Part 2

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We were so curious about all that Steve Troy talked about in Part 1 that we visited his home in Carmel, California to learn more. In Part 2 he demonstrates what you would expect from a typical Pilates workout at the original Pilates studio back in 1968, when he taught there as Romana's apprentice merely a year after Joe passed. As Steve explains in Part 1, 95% of the standard 45-minute workout consisted of a set series starting with the Reformer, followed by the Mat, then the Cadillac. The last 5% percent included 1 or 2 unique exercises that Joe himself would personally design for each and every client and their specific needs, where all other apparatus in the studio potentially came into play (or into existence!). As Steve walks us through the standard 95%, you'll be amazed at the amount of small - yet helpful- details in his memory banks. Our thanks to Steve for reminding us just how much we can learn by re-visiting the past. Visit Steve at his financial services company Aerofund.

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  1. pilatesbruxelles 2 years ago

    This is excellent, Thank you so much. I love his sincerity and attitude and I really like the way the interview is done 😉

  2. keren 4 years ago

    Hi Alisa! Can’t seem to find
    Part 1 of the interview!? Thank you for always sharing so much valuable knowledge!xx

  3. Christopher Meffie
    Christopher Meffie 4 years ago

    My newest Pilates hero.

  4. joesmat 4 years ago

    Such a charming and delightful Gentleman.
    Learned some very interesting revelations about the Method from Mr Troy.
    Thank you Alisa & Jack for this Treasure.

  5. Mary
    Mary 4 years ago

    FASCINATING…Alisa (and Jack, of course), you are the best.
    OK question for next time: Hannah?

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