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If you’re looking for an Intermediate level workout that will make you feel open and stretched out, you’ve found it. Andrea will help you find your flexibility in each exercise on the mat while bringing ease and strength in each move as well. Enjoy! Visit Andrea at Pilates Andrea.

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  1. vivogugua 1 week ago

    Great session. My back thanks you!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thank you so much! Good job to you and so nice to hear your back was happy 🙂 That’s the best! Keep up the good work, xox

  2. Prafferty5
    Prafferty5 5 months ago

    Great session – just perfect for my Sunday morning . Thank you 🙏

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thank you so much for watching – so glad you got a good Sunday workout in! That’s the best 🙂 Keep up the good work xox

  3. applethree79 2 years ago

    Thanks for an amazing class. I love the breakdown of each move. It’s been awhile since I practiced and I’m ready for the challenges pilates inspires. Your workout was yummy stretchy goodness with proper technique offered for each move. I will return to this video again and check out all of your workouts.

    Pilates/Yogi Girl

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Hi there – thank you so much for watching and for your lovely and kind words on my video 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the workout and if you have any workout requests please let me know. Keep up the good work! xo

  4. Crystal 2 years ago

    Oh, Andrea, it’s like this routine was made for me. So much Stretchy Thigh Goodness (that’s a technical term). Love it!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Oh Crystal, Stretchy Thigh Goodness is the name of the game for me too! Thank you for playing 🙂 xox

  5. Pilatessummer79
    Pilatessummer79 4 years ago

    Thank you andrea! Learned so much from your cues! ❤️

  6. Thanks, Andrea, for this very restorative mat session. Merry Christmas!

    • Andrea Maida Author

      You are so welcome!! I just watched this class and I may have to do it today – I so need it during the holiday vacation! Happy Holidays! 🙂

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