Repair By Arm Chair with Mejo Wiggin

Repair-by-Arm Chair Workshop (with Turkish Translation)

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Join MeJo Wiggin in another brilliant workshop, in which she shines the spotlight on an often forgotten jewel of the Pilates studio - the Arm Chair. In this workshop, MeJo shares details that will transform the Arm Chair into the best upper body fix-it tool in the Pilates shop! Unlike the Reformer or the Mat, the only order to your Arm Chair workout is that determined for you by your own body - just get the basic 3 exercises down and let the repairing begin! MeJo has 2 excellent DVDs on the Arm Chair available here in our Store or on her website at This video was filmed at Murat Berkin's annual Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul, our thanks to all who attended!

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  1. MeJo Wiggin Author

    I’m so glad you learned from this. What a valuable piece of apparatus. It may take 16 weeks, but well worth it!! Enjoy!!

  2. Jennifer Allen

    Hi! This is really great! I just ordered a baby arm chair and a spine corrector from Gratz in Dove. Can’t wait to get it, wish it didn’t take 16 weeks!

  3. Ynowak 5 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

  4. Ynowak 5 years ago

    Great review of arm chair and clear points of what to look for! Awesome!

    I do not have a baby chair at the moment, so I keep trying to mimic it with what I have. I have found the closest I can get is using the spine corrector and using the rollback springs because those are the lightest I have from the Tower. Nowhere near the same thing as the actual chair. But it lets me do a few of the exercises. Question, what do you all think of using the rollback springs like this? I’m a bit worried about over stretching them of something. Should I not be using those springs like this?

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Ynowak, I think your springs will be fine, I know teachers who keep an extra set of Rollback springs for use on their baby chair when they are working with a stronger person. And most of the Rollback exercises stretch the springs more than you would on a baby chair.

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