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If you work with clients whose goals are to improve at a particular sport, this workshop series is for you! Pilates is the most effective when it’s used to educate movement, not just the muscles that create the movement and this theme will teach you how to easily see exactly what exercises your athletes need to improve at their sport. Gloria begins with Silvia who is a gymnast. While Silvia can do a handstand easily it is a movement that often overuses the shoulders and the strength of the center gets lost. Watch and see how Gloria’s simple approach frees her shoulders and connects Silvia’s center. Gloria also shows this same idea in action with a Triathlete and a Squash player. Want more? Check out Miguel Silva’s workshop on this topic: Pilates and Sports with Miguel. Visit Gloria at Studio Pilates di Gloria Gasperi where this workshop was filmed.  

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  1. Kerry 7 months ago

    That was awesome!! You are adorable! No, why would she be tired, she’s not working hard at all! Hahaha!!
    Loved it thank you so much.

  2. amandaclose 1 year ago

    Amazing! Loved it.

  3. skysky 2 years ago

    Sensational connecting the dots to create a linear masterpiece! So FABULOUS ❤️

  4. joelcrosby

    Wonderful progressions. I loved how you connected every exercise to help her accomplish her goal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience Gloria.

    • Gloria Gasperi Author

      Thank you to you dear Joel! I had an amazing time creating this progression with my lovely Silvia and I love to share my passion with great colleagues like you!????

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