Learning Pilates Snake Twist w/ Andrea Maida

Pilates Project: 10 Moves for a Better Snake

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In this short learning video, Andrea leads you through 10 exercises that will help make you better at the Snake exercise on the Reformer—an advanced, and often dreaded exercise for those of us learning it. Learn by watching Andrea or practice these moves with her to discover in your own body the magic they will do for your Snake. For a list of the exercises that you can print out for your next in-studio workout, check out Andrea's Blog Post on this topic: Pilates Project, 10 Exercises for a Better Snake. Visit Andrea at her website: Pilates Andrea.

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  1. Geovannal 3 years ago

    Andrea you are so down to earth, so simple in your explanations and is so easy to follow you, i am a big fan of your work, blogs, you tubes

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Hi there Geovannal 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words – so glad you enjoyed this video – I hope Snake will become one of your favorites LOL Thank you for reaching out to connect here 🙂 Cheers to you!

  2. Melanie Petri
    Melanie Petri 7 years ago

    Andrea- I love this concept of the mini-workshop on a specific tricky exercise and would love to see others. Snake is particularly good because there are so many aspects to the exercise. I can’t wait to get into the studio to try these and my new and improved snake. Thank you.

    • Andrea Maida Author


      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments – I agree that Snake is a perfect exercise to work on in this manner – there is always one aspect for me that wants to fall apart – LOL. Let me know how the exercises work for you and if you come up with any others that helped as well. Here we go again – we only have one exercise… 😉

  3. yinyangalt
    yinyangalt 7 years ago

    Excellent lesson Andrea! Thank you.


    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you so much, Alexandra and thank you for watching 🙂 I wish you many happy Snakes!

  4. scottie_34 7 years ago

    Excellent and very thoughtful, Thx Andrea. Loved understanding the connectivity of movements to others exercises…gives me more context to think about during execution, not that my mind isn’t filled already during Pilates! Would love to see more of these, perhaps for my nemesis the open leg rocker =)

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Ah, the Open Leg Rocker – one of my favorites – I will take that into consideration as I would like very much to work on a video for that one…thank you! Glad you enjoyed this one on the Snake…my constant touchstone on my Pilates journey 🙂

  5. laico 7 years ago

    I would add the Semi-Circle to the list.

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Ooh, thanks for playing, laic. Tell me more about why you would choose Semi- Circle – I am curious – and I do love that exercise 🙂

  6. Thank you Andrea! I really got a lot of info to work with from this 🙂

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      You are so welcome Judy, glad I could help 🙂 Bonne Chance!

  7. Davamadez
    Davamadez 7 years ago

    Really helpful Andrea¡ thank you¡

  8. lghammerle

    Nice mini-workshop on Snake. Thank you!

  9. Gaia Faggiani
    gaia 7 years ago

    Great Andrea! It works! Thank you !

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you so much everyone! I had a fun time doing this one 🙂

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