Pilates Workout for Tennis Players

Pilates for Tennis Workout

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In this full studio session, Molly leads a workout designed to correct the common imbalances that come from playing tennis. She has worked at a tennis club for years and notices that the explosive bursts required in tennis can put knees and ankles at risk, while the overuse of the dominant arm paired with the lateral movements in tennis create all kinds of issues in the body as well. To straighten everything out, Molly takes you through a quickly paced Reformer followed by specific exercises on the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and finally the Ladder Barrel to finish. Whether you're looking to improve your game or prevent injury, this is a workout that every tennis player can benefit from! Apparatus & Props: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Theraband or large towel, Toe Corrector (a heavy rubberband can substitute).

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  1. daya825 3 years ago

    Hi Molly! Great class! Do you think these would translate well for a volley ball player? I have been working with 13 year old volley ball player that still needs to learn body awareness and needs help with her serve. Sometimes her serving arm is aggravated from all the impact and over use. If you have any other classes that could be useful for a volleyball player would you please send them my way?
    Thanks again!

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 3 years ago

      Hi Daya! Thank you! I think this workout would be great for your volleyball player. My “Powerhouse Attack” and “Toning Tower” would be good too. Also, take a look at the section that says Activity Specific. Alisa has a volleyball workout and there’s a bunch of other ones in that section that would be appropriate. Good luck! xx

  2. Heathergy14 3 years ago

    What springs specifically did you use for footwork and other reformer work..? I’m just new to my pilates training and education , much appreciated in advance

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 3 years ago

      Hi Heather, for footwork and 100 – 4 springs, short spine, coordination – 2 sp, rowing, pulling straps – 1sp, short box, long stretch series – 2sp, stomach massage 4sp, then 3 then 2. 2 sp for knee stretches, 4 for running and pelvic lift. Hope that helps!

  3. catedavies 3 years ago

    I would have liked an explanation of your choices on mat, reformer and other apparatus, as you worked out. It was all too vague.

    • Molly Niles Renshaw Author
      Molly Niles Renshaw 3 years ago

      Sorry it took me a few days to respond, Cate! I’m sorry you thought it was vague. I just rewatched the whole video and the exercises in the workout here are all great for a tennis player. The general workout is good for everyone – abdominal work, posture, stretching but I give specific exercises for the imbalances tennis can create. For instance, doing the roll up with a bar to stay even, the cobra stretch for the neck, the whole arm spring series spending more time on the weaker side, staying even on leg springs. The back push through is amazing for the shoulders, the shoulder roll down is perfect for the feet of a tennis player. The roll backs on the Cadillac are a good way to see imbalances – usually one side is tighter on the one arm variation. All the feet and ankle exercises I think are clearly strengthening the ankles. The one arm push down on the Wunda Chair identifies a weaker side as well as strengthens the abs and lats. The push downs, pull ups are super clear I think as well as the ankle, calf exercises on the chair.
      The main message of the workout is to work evenly which means you’ll work the stronger side less and the weaker side more. And then I give specific exercises to even them out further. Giving this workout to your tennis playing clients will help them get stronger in their abdominals, more even in their arms and legs and have better alignment. I apologize if the explanations aren’t clear enough but if you take the exercises from the workout your tennis players will be happy. Thanks for watching!

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