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Do you work with athletic men with tight backs and strong extremities? Moses Urbano has some tricks up his sleeve that will help you get these guys into their Powerhouse and moving optimally. In this session he works with Chris Clausen, a former NFL Strength & Conditioning Trainer, and focuses in on the Footwork, Coordination and Rowing, and how to use them to address common issues for this group of clients. For instance, Moses demonstrates how the legs don't naturally like to come together and tend to turn outward when extending, and explains how to correct these tendencies. You'll also learn tricks on how to lengthen the neck and lift the spine - something anyone with stiff upper and lower backs can benefit from. Visit Moses at Access Pilates.

What Others Are Saying


  1. aubergine22 2 years ago

    I am literally sweating from just WATCHING this. Very pointed and concise queues . Moses has such an eagle eye for scrutiny and detail.

  2. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Great class; impecable, new, fresh:) THANK YOU:)

  3. janie jennings 3 years ago

    Best instruction. Moses is great to learn from.

  4. Rosalie 4 years ago

    Absolutely supreme, dynamic, expert instruction. Superb, superb, superb!!! I have learned so much from Moses Urbano. Love the ‘Hello’s”. Well done Mr Clausen too. No doubt your body changed dramatically from this one session. So inspiring.

  5. Kelly Hurley
    Kelly Hurley 4 years ago

    I need a lesson from Moses. great energy and cues. Great to watch, thank you.

  6. maui 4 years ago

    Great Moses!! Thanks!!

  7. jernestops
    jernestops 4 years ago

    Wow, fantastic!! We love this class. Really we’ve learned watching him. Moses is a great profesional 🙂 Thanks for sharing Alisa and Jack.

  8. Jean Klein 4 years ago

    Great class. I am learning so much from Moses!

  9. joesmat 4 years ago

    Very commendable effort indeed by Mr Chris Clausen.

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