Pedi Pole and Standing Arm Springs Variations for Men (Portuguese)

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There’s a myth that this class aims to dispel, the idea that men can’t build their upper bodies with Pilates. Build your upper body strength, along with better posture and length in your torso with this series of standing arm work, featuring the Pedi-Pole or the Standing Arm Springs. Don't be afraid to follow along, while Inelia teaches in Portuguese she gives the exercise names in English so it's easy to understand, you'll be surprised at how much you get from her cues. Our thanks to Pilates Studio Portugal Amoreiras where this video was filmed. Learn more about studio franchising, teacher training and lessons at any of the 48 studios founded by Inelia in South America, at: Pilates Studio Brasil.

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  1. Elizabeth Brown Meier

    So challenging and fun! Thank you Inelia! My friend is from Brazil and takes Pilates from me. She spreads fluent Portuguese.. I don’t, but was able to follow along with no problem and improve my understanding of the native language at the same time. I can’t wait to share with my friend.

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