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Join Cary Regan for a fun Mat session that will keep you and your Magic Circle too busy to complain. Don't be fooled by her fun, lighthearted approach - she'll sneak in a challenge wherever she can to wake things up! You'll be so engaged (and entertained), the only evidence of the past hour will be your drenched mat and a hard-earned burn. Time flies when you're having fun - Enjoy! Our thanks to Uptown Pilates West Village studio where Cary teaches and this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Kerry 7 months ago

    Love Cary’s classes and her humour!! Time always flies even though it’s so hard at times!!
    I too would love to see that film .
    Thank you

  2. Jennifer Allen

    SO wonderful!!! :))

  3. Vie 2 years ago

    I love Cary! Great class! I will definitely use some of this in my next mat class!

  4. Missflagg 3 years ago

    I’ve taken classes with a few of the people in this video and they are all stellar. Would love to see more videos with each one instructing. Cary’s classes are always tough on the abs because I’m laughing so much. Nice to have that experience at home. 🙂

  5. Jennifer Eicher 3 years ago

    Loved this class! Magic circle is the only tool I have at home other than a reformer, so I’m always delighted when I can find a mat class with more ways to use it. Thank you!

  6. jenna 4 years ago

    Cary Regan, you are exactly the kind of Pilates I’d love to have teach me.

  7. Elly83 4 years ago

    its really helpful workout. So much powerhouse!! Thank you Cary Regan.

  8. jamieleejanzen 4 years ago

    What a wonderful class! Time flew by! Thank you Cary ! 🙂

  9. joesmat 4 years ago

    Great Instructor is the legendary Cary Regan.
    The pace is very much in line with what is called New York Style Pilates to my understanding – the REAL PILATES WORK!
    The named “Broadway Baby” – Lauren in front – an excellent practitioner as were all the participants.
    Ms Regan mentioned there was a film of herself, Fobe Higgins and I think Mari doing a mat with Romana Kryzanowska Instructing. NOW, Alisa it would be pure “magic” for you to get that piece of film on Pilatesology to see how they did the mat back in the 70’s! What do you reckon Alisa!
    I suspect several of the participants here were Instructors – Alisa?

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