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Meet Larry Gibas of Uncle Joe's Pilates in New Orleans. In this inspiring interview, Alisa Wyatt talks to him about his beginnings in Pilates with Romana in 1996 and his experience in her training program along with classmates Kathi Ross Nash and Brooke Siler. Listen in and you'll learn what the process of training was like with Romana at a time when Pilates was just beginning to make the scene. He tells how he developed his keen eye for the body through Romana's training and gives examples of how her teachings encompassed what the client thinks and feels as well. Visit Larry at Uncle Joe's Pilates in New Orleans for lessons and Romana's Pilates teacher training.

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  1. Monica_Aslan 7 months ago

    Great interview. It brought memories of my Pilates sessions at Uncle Joe’s. There is where I was introduced to classical Pilates. Larry and Juan were my instructors. I loved taking lessons there. Thank you Larry and Juan for introducing me to classical Pilates. 🙂

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