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With her gymnastic form and cues that connect you deeper through each move, Andrea will prepare you to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, or simply move with power and grace. Her focus is on keeping your stomach engaged throughout the entire workout—a challenge that requires strength paired with relaxed efficiency, endurance with power, and most important—a mind and body that work together. As Mr. Pilates wrote, “Not mind OR body, it’s mind AND body.” Visit Andrea at:

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  1. mlb 4 years ago

    loved this workout! my favorite line was: “take your stomach with you” — love that, so true!! and never realized i could be working my stomach while in child’s pose.

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Hi there – thanks so much for watching and sharing your thoughts here – so glad you enjoyed the workout… I always think any correction in Pilates, once you do it in the body you realize it is all about keeping the stomach working in any scenario. That’s what I think when feeling a correction – oh yes, it feels like more stomach LOL.

  2. Karen Eccles 5 years ago

    Always a pleasure to take your classes Andrea. I did this one just before going to bed ????

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Hi Karen!
      Thanks so much for watching – and how nice to get in a Mat workout before bed, that sounds fantastic. Makes for a great deep sleep 🙂 Keep up your hard work and I hope we can see each other again soon! xox

  3. eugenia 6 years ago

    Wow that was a challenge, but I want to keep coming back to it. Thank you

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Thanks Eugenia 🙂 Lots of mental focus to keep the connection can be exhausting…and exciting! Thank you so much for watching and sharing your comments.

  4. lghammerle

    Thanks for this quick mat with the constant reminder to use your stomach! I’ll take this reminder with me on my full workouts! That’s a good challenge!

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for your sweet note, Lauren 🙂 So glad you like it – and who doesn’t need that constant reminder about connection to the stomach? Chat with you soon – xox

  5. CTSouthsea 7 years ago

    Really enjoyed your Keep the Connection workout. I love the honesty also about not counting! I think the teachers’ trick is to say “just two more” when you have forgotten?
    I’m a student with Amy Kellow of Everybody Pilates in the UK and have been inspired to take the teacher training programme myself at 62!
    Thanks for the sharing, it’s really motivational.

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you so much Carol for your lovely comments – and wow – congratulations to you for committing to your Pilates training with Amy! Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. PensiveVet 7 years ago

    What an energizing workout!
    I’m a relative beginner, and I like doing a short class before going to the office. I think today I’m going to be so buzzing and smiley that everyone’s going to ask me what I had for breakfast!

    Thanks Andrea 🙂

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you so much for sharing your comment 🙂 We had a good time doing that video as well. I love the mood enhancing power of Pilates. Keep up the good work!

  7. tempodono 8 years ago

    I loved the little details you explained – like when to keep my toes and legs pointed/tense etc. It made a big difference to my form. Why do we keep our legs loose though when doing the circles? What would the difference be if you kept them taut?

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 8 years ago

      Thanks tempodono for your comment. Yes! There are no body parts too insignificant and I am glad you saw a difference in your form, that’s so good!

      Generally in Pilates we are all working towards minimal tension in the extremities: legs, arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, etc… in order to concentrate all the action, “tension” and work in the stomach, back, bottom, the center of the body. I think your question refers to the Side Kicks in this workout when we did the small circles. For me especially it is hard to remember that yes, the leg is moving, but this is Pilates, so this is a stomach exercise not a leg exercise. Just like when you do the Single Leg Circles on your back, as a primary focus the back must be stable and engaged on the mat. When you are on your side the stomach and back should be doing just as much work and therefore more work than your leg. But the Side Kicks position of lying down can often encourage us to be lounge-y 🙁

      When the legs are loose you can feel more work in the stomach and work for a freeness and stretch in the hips and thighs. And you can get into your bottom more…ah the bottom, the laziest muscle in Pilates…Certainly the leg is working to a degree as it is extended out, etc… but when the muscles are taut the leg is often the only thing working.

      Thanks so much for your question and I hope that helps 🙂

  8. joesmat 8 years ago

    It’s good to see a man performing the matwork. The gentleman worked so hard. Great stuff, and thank you Andrea.

    • Andrea Maida Author
      Andrea Maida 8 years ago

      Thank you Colin!! Yes, he did a great job, huh? You know what they say – real men do Pilates!

  9. Andrea Maida Author
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed this workout – it was a fun one to do. I love the challenge of seeing if you can work in the moments between the exercises… And thank you it makes me feel better to know I am not alone with my struggle to count and speak at the same time 🙂

  10. lghammerle

    Andrea that was great. You are like a ball of dynamite! And I think we all count the same…..We can’t!

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