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Sweat it out with Kathi as she leads one of her favorite advanced mat workouts as taught to her by Romana. The Reformer on the Mat is a fun variation Romana used to keep everyone moving when there weren’t enough Reformers available for her trainees - the only thing you need is your mat and something to help your feet slide on the floor, this class uses a towel on a wood floor. If you think that losing the springs makes the workout easier, think again! The Reformer was originally created to help support and correct the body and without the apparatus to help, your body has to do it all. After this workout your next Reformer session will feel like a breeze. For info on training with Kathi visit: KathiRossNash.com. Thank you to Pilates Challenge where this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Corekora 1 year ago

    Wow!!!!! what a powerful workout! I plan on doing it over and over and over!!!! (If I can survive it!)

  2. Lucerobarry
    Lucerobarry 2 years ago

    Holy cow! Fun and challenging. I felt KRN energy through the mini. Super grateful for the enthusiasm. I needed it to get through! Merci.

  3. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Lauren lazy as always:) Victoria as great as so far:) Kathi is just irreplacible;)

  4. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Some of the “teachers” (?!?) are looking at some of the very well known exercises as if they ( the teachers!) were so scared or paralised .. ? Goodness me, Kathi is a real woman! She can:) We can,too:) She inspires and guides us ; pls, use her teaching and workout:)

  5. ewapilates
    ewapilates 4 years ago

    KRN is a Gift to all of us:) Thank You, Kathi:)

  6. blspilates 4 years ago

    I haven’t been able to do one of my favorites since the video does not come up. Please check. 7/09/16

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi blspilates! PLease clear your history and browsing data in your browser and then retry this class. It will pop right up.
      : )


  7. elenabertolini 5 years ago

    I love u 🙂 !!!! you are Amazing.

  8. Wade Edwell 5 years ago

    Kathi! That was incredible! You make me want to be a better man!!!! (Oh dear, what will my boyfriend say…!) Thank you so so much for being legendary. x

  9. Madhavi Abuja 6 years ago

    wow !. dont think I can ever do this. KRN you are amazing !

  10. EmmaGat
    EmmaGat 6 years ago

    Wow. Wow! Wow! Wow! So this is how much fun my nieces have when they go to Chuck E. Cheese, huh? That was so much fun! I literally searched the classes for “fun”, and knew I can bet the house on your class to be the winner in terms of fun. Boy, was I right!
    The funniest part was when you did the acrobatic version of the balance control, where you turned around. At first I screamed: “What?! Sorcery!”, then I paused and tried pulling it off multiple times, screaming, like a little kid who’s stomping his or her feet, “I gotta do this! I gotta do this! I gotta make this happen!!!”, then, I hollered for my boyfriend to come out from the other room and lift my already-lifted foot a little higher, he did, and I was standing. I screamed: “I did it! I’m on the other side!”, I swear, I felt like Nadia Comaneci.
    I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve even said it thrice, and I’ll say it again — I LOVE YOU, KATHI! You’re just as wacky as I, love it. That was just so much fun, and I’m going to be SO sore tomorrow! (I love sore!)

  11. jodie 7 years ago

    That was intensely wonderful. I liked what you said that the back bend does not come from the low back but the chest and hip opening. I never thought of it that way before. Thanks

  12. CyndiMo
    CyndiMo 7 years ago

    This is absolutely fabulous! Thank you. I even learned a lot of good things to do with students in my reformer class.

  13. JackieBebenroth
    JackieBebenroth 7 years ago

    This is one of my top three favorite workouts on Pilatesology in 2013! I feel so amazing after…and into the next day. Thank you, Kathi Ross Nash, for this wonderful gift!

  14. Reb 7 years ago

    Wonderful! Thank you, Kathi!

  15. joesmat 7 years ago

    Having now done this class every day since it came on stream, it seems to me, to be one of “the best STRETCH & STENGTH” Mat classes I have ever come across.
    It has everything in it. Remarkable contribution to the mat practice. Most grateful to KRN again!

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      THANK YOU!!!! I Love to push the envelope! i know you know the only way to build yourself is to do so!!!!!! grateful you like it!

  16. tracy 7 years ago

    Kathy I had to stop cuz I was just sliding in sweat. So I did about 1/2 and watched the rest. My god. And you were able to talk us through it! You are such an inspiration, truly disciplined.

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      I can talk through anything!! my poor family!!!
      actually the reason i can talk and work is because of the way i was taught to breath during my work out.
      respiration should be natural- like that of the race horse. only breathing exercises have a defined breath
      the breath should be so deep on all other exercises – it should barely be seen. there are photos of me on the ladder barrel with Romana YEARS ago. it was that day she told me that, as we chatted while we worked…

  17. Ynowak 7 years ago

    That was really fun!

  18. sheilamcgregor 7 years ago

    Absolutely fabulous!!! Have only watched this so far – soooo looking forward to trying this one. Wow, what a workout! Thanks to you both so much, Alisa & Kathi – you two are SO amazing!!!

  19. Linda 7 years ago

    Loved it! Terrific, and just hearing you is motivating!
    I look forward to a daily Pilatesology session each morning.
    Kathi, you helped rehab my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery (with my doctor’s o.k.). “Just you weights” did wonders!
    Thanks SO much!!

  20. Martin 7 years ago

    Simply amazing! All my joints feel so open after doing this! You’ve done it again, Kathi. Please keep ones like this coming.

  21. joesmat 7 years ago

    Thank you very much Kathi for sharing this REFORMER ON THE MAT session as taught to you by Romana. And likewise, a huge thanks to PILATESOLOGY.It is fantastic stuff!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      We are so honored to have Kathi on Pilatesolgy, she is a gift to the Pilates community!!

      • Martin 7 years ago

        BOTH of you are gifts to the Pilates community. It’s phenomenal to learn from both of you. Thank you for creating such great content 🙂

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