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In this interview Kathryn Ross Nash shares with Alisa Wyatt about her beginnings in Pilates as a young dancer and her journey up to her current role as an highly respected teacher trainer. Tune in and hear about Kathi's very first lesson with Romana (she hated it!), why she feels Pilates is being dumbed down in many of the ways it's being taught now, her advice for new teachers, and so much more. Filmed at The Red Thread Ranch, Kathi’s studio in Florida. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. Amalea 8 months ago

    This conversation is so inspiring! I’m a recently certified teacher and feel incredibly motivated by this discussion and so excited to continue my Pilates education, journey, and career XO

  2. newaida

    Humble, real, honest, inspiring… The list goes on,and on… Thank you, Kathi. I feel grounded and inspired to continue with my daily work with clients and myself.. In this video, there is so much that you share to live by for the rest of my career as a Pilates teacher and as a never ending Pilates student and that is tremendously fulfilling.. Profoundly honored and grateful to be able to call you my teacher. THANK YOU. Alyssa, thank you to you too for bringing so much incredible knowledge and priceless insights to everybody and making things this easy for newer future Pilates professionals. I wish this (Pilatesology) existed back then when I started training the method.. Don’t know who’s idea this site was originally.., truth is it was a brilliant one and has made a huge impact in the industry. Beyond Thankful here -instert HEART and HIGH FIVE emoji here-.

  3. That was awesome….

  4. Alisa Wyatt

    test comment from jack

  5. catedavies 2 years ago

    Fascinating interview. Has helped me understand why I have felt that there is so much missing from my training programme & where I need to look next.

  6. Lori1 2 years ago

    Awesome interview! Wonderful teacher!

  7. ktayl24 2 years ago

    Loved this interview! You are the greatest teacher and teacher’s teacher! Forever grateful to you and all that you continue to bring in sharing the work! Always with heart, soul and humor!

  8. Martin 2 years ago

    Yay! So excited to this go up, especially after hearing about the video that got scrapped a few years back. Always wonderful to hear about everyone’s Pilates journey. Would love to learn more about teachings from Romana, Kathy, Jay and Edwina.

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