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The first hour of this Wunda session is a fun and challenging workout that you'll feel from the inside out, followed by a 20 minute question and movement exploration. Every session with Lori opens up a world of understanding and this one is no different, you'll learn about shoulder blades, how to cue your clients using their own words instead of your own, and much more. Note that the workout slows down at a few spots when Lori asks for some specifics from her students, follow them to new discoveries in your own practice. Visit Lori at Atlas Pilates.

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  1. Obenaus
    Obenaus 2 years ago

    Hi Lori, thank you so much, I‘m new here on pilatesology and liked this lesson very much! Especially your fast, short moves with controll, it helps a lot for working with athletes (skiers)! Greetings from ???????? Austria.

  2. pjennings 3 years ago

    Loved how she related the exhale breathing to the fact that “the shoulder blades sit on your ribs and your ribs sit on your lungs”, so not necessary to let all of that collapse while exhaling.

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 3 years ago

      Oh yeah, I like that one too. The diaphragm can move upward like a plunger. And the pelvic diaphragm can be a helper.

  3. joesmat 3 years ago

    Would Lori Coleman Brown please tell us the FIVE PARTS OF THE MIND that she learned from Romana, and their application?

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 3 years ago

      The five parts of the mind-intelligence, will, memory, imagination and intuition! You will need to wait for how I apply them. Perhaps in a Pilatesology video? 😉

  4. joesmat 3 years ago

    We see Lori Coleman Brown working all the Apparatus exercises in her videos, which is wonderful, if you can afford the Apparatus!
    Would Lori Coleman Brown consider doing the same with the entire Mat Series, to include, the Archival Exercises, that are never seen!
    In Anticipation!

    • Lori Coleman-Brown Author
      Lori Coleman-Brown 3 years ago

      Yes, I would consider it. I’ll put it on my list.

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