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Inelia Garcia brings Kiko up next in Part 3 of her Guillotine teaching series, showing us the Semi Circle which is a great exercise for preparing the body for the dismount that Carolina and Jose Miguel did earlier in Part 2. Kiko demonstrates the hanging leg circles and pull ups with legs out in front, then a full upside down hanging chest expansion and a horizontal plank hang. Inelia then has Carolina repeat the Semi Circle to show the difference in her mobile spine. Pedro finishes with the pulls ups that Kiko did and several variations on standing arm springs that you’ve likely never seen before. Our thanks to Pilates Studio Portugal Amoreiras where this video was filmed. Learn more about studio franchising, teacher training and lessons at any of the 50+ studios founded by Inelia in South America, at: Pilates Studio Brasil.

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  1. Gina Jackson 2 years ago

    I am SO in love with Inelia ‘s energy, rhythm and commanding style. I could watch for hours. Seriously do! As my mind and body make the translation of her words.

    So much fun learning in Portuguese. Thank you!!

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